Frequently asked questions​

Gamers can withdraw the entire sum of money, including deposited money and winnings till 26th October, 2022.
Users can go to the cash wallet to initiate deposits.

ONMO is a mobile cloud gaming platform that redefines ones’ gaming experience as it brings together E-Sports, Social Features and AI Powered Analytics. Explore ONMO’s proprietary feature called “Moments” which has specially curated challenges from new & popular games. Add your friends and enjoy your playing experience while competing with players from Canada, Sweden and India.

Cloud Gaming, also known as game streaming refers to using cloud servers rather than local devices/hardware to run games. It works similar to how people stream movies. Users need to have internet connectivity to play and there is no need to download and install games on their mobile phone.

ONMO currently has some marquee titles from famous publishers such as Subway Surfer: Barcelona, Cut the Rope Magic (Zeptolab) and many more. Explore all games here.

Users have multiple benefits of playing on ONMO. Since the service is not using the device hardware, users can enjoy playing games which may not run on their smartphones. Some other key benefits are limited utilisation of mobile storage space, multiple games at just one click, unmatched gaming experience, live interactions and lots more.

To access ONMO visit on your smartphone. Login using a Mobile Number, Google account or Facebook login and start playing your favourite games. Add ONMO to your device homepage to access it at one click, just like a Mobile App.

You can play ONMO on all smartphones, both Android and iOS, with good internet connectivity.

ONMO is a cloud gaming platform, hence, connection to the internet is mandatory to play.

3Mbps is the minimum internet speed required to play on ONMO.

Your overall game progress will be stored to the account created by you and will not be lost even if you switch smartphones. You may lose progress within a game in case of any internet connectivity problem during gameplay.

ONMO currently supports only mobile games and they can be played with other users on iOS and Android smartphones ONLY.

ONMO is currently available in India, Sweden and Canada.

Moments are ONMO’s proprietary feature. They are a curated set of short format gameplay content, created from popular casual games, ranging up to 3 minutes. Each game can have multiple Moments curated and listed under it.

All moments with a trophy icon, which showcases leader-board ranking, is called a Challenge. Players can beat each other’s’ daily top score to rank high on the leader-board. You can also directly Challenge a player’s top score by clicking on “Beat It” in the “Daily Top Score” section on the homepage.

Battles are played against a friend or random opponent to win virtual coins. You can access Battles by clicking on it on the bottom navigation bar and selecting a game to play.

Moments for Battle are chosen at random based on the game selected, you cannot choose the specific Moment.

A Battle is valid for 24 hours after the first player has completed their turn. An opponent needs to close their play within that time.

Your ONMO coins are automatically credited back to your account in case of an opponent forfeiting play.

A tournament is a 24-hour multiplayer battle with minimum 3 players & varied capping on maximum players in different tournaments in which the top players are awarded ONMO Coins. An entry fee (ONMO Coins) is applicable to play and a single player can enter a tournament multiple times to try and win. New tournaments are started on a selection of games each day.

Practice Tournaments are similar to Daily Tournaments, however, can be played only for ONMO Coins.

Both Daily Tournaments and Practice Tournaments are valid for 24 hours. Same can be viewed on the timer given on the tournament card.

In case minimum 3 players do not opt for a tournament, the entry fee (ONMO Coins) will be refunded to the deposit wallet at the end of the tournament.

Your ONMO coins are automatically credited back to your account in case of a draw.

Click on your profile icon on the top left corner of the home screen to access transaction history and other details.

ONMO has discontinued the Real Gaming Money feature. Gamers will not be able to deposit any further amount.

In case of any other queries, get in touch with us at