Are you feeling bored and stressed? Then, why don’t you play a good puzzle game? Gone are those days where you needed a big set-up connected to a system to play games. From puzzle games to high-end graphic games, you

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs combine the best features of native mobile apps and mobile web to deliver an enhanced user experience (UX). They are known to increase the content value dramatically for minimal cost. Their popularity in the tech

Gone are the days when playing video games required a high-end PC or a Console setup. With the mobile gaming industry booming, 1/3rd of the world’s population are now gamers. In the mobile gaming space, there have been three popular

With its exceptionally growing popularity in recent years, esports has now officially become the fastest-growing sports genre globally. As per Newzoo’s reports, global esports revenue for 2021 is projected to be $1.0B. It will see a 14.5% growth compared to

How long has it been since you thought of gamers as a bunch of teenagers glued to their computer screens playing a first-person shooter game? A pretty long while, right? Times have now changed when it comes to the gaming

Remember playing Snake on your Nokia phones? When it comes to mobile gaming, we’ve surely come a long way from those days! It’s no secret that it is widely seen as the next big thing in entertainment. In fact, it’s

Cloud Gaming, also commonly known as gaming-as-a-service, or gaming on demand, is a method of playing online video games on remote servers in data centers. In contrast to the traditional ways of gaming, here, the games can be conveniently played

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