5 Reasons You Should Play Puzzle Games Every Day

5 Reasons You Should Play Puzzle Games Every Day

Are you feeling bored and stressed? Then, why don’t you play a good puzzle game? Gone are those days where you needed a big set-up connected to a system to play games. From puzzle games to high-end graphic games, you can find them online and play on your smartphone. And they are extremely popular, as you can play them from anywhere, especially with basic internet connectivity.

Besides, the best part of puzzle games is that they are known for their creativity and addictiveness. While online puzzle games enhance your memory functions, playing them every day will keep your stress at bay. To date, some of the best puzzle games played even by adults are sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, riddles, and mathematical puzzles.

ONMO, a mobile cloud-gaming platform, has got some of the most amazing puzzles that you are searching for online. And the good news is you don’t need to download them to play. Because, with just a click, you can experience real-time online gaming with ONMO. So, you can sit back tight, and enjoy the game at your comfort.

Why Are Puzzle Games Still Trending?

With the boom in the smartphone industry, there are 2.65 billion people worldwide playing games using their mobile phones. Recent stats by a blog named TechJury says that 57.9% of people play puzzle games. The report also stated that 34% of the revenue came from puzzle games alone in 2019. Thanks to smartphone users, puzzle games are still trending in the gaming world.

Another good reason for puzzle games popularity is the easy availability of the internet at affordable prices. Having a smartphone in hand, and a stable internet will do wonders while you are on a commute to somewhere far. Not only does it alleviate your boredom, but also keeps you refreshed, excited, and enthralled throughout your journey.

Multiplayer Mode On:

Popular in every age group, puzzle games are available both offline and online. But as they say, the more, the merrier; playing online puzzle games with social connectivity is more fun than anything. It involves interaction with the challenger and improves coordination between the players, so we see multiplayer modes even in mini puzzle games.

This multiplayer mode gives both players equal agency in the game, creating a unique experience for the gamers to get engrossed. And when you win, as a player, it feels extremely rewarding for you to celebrate with your team. The more the levels, the more the thrill to achieve success.

Five Reasons You Should Play Puzzle Games

Now, if you ask how playing online puzzle games can make you feel better, here are five reasons:

1. Helps To Build Patience:

First of all, to play a puzzle, one needs a lot of patience to sit and think. It requires attention, focus, and logical thinking. Due to its challenging nature, solving a puzzle is like a nightmare if one doesn’t have enough patience. Though it feels frustrating initially, engaging with the game and your fellow opponent helps you acquire new skills and make proper decisions. Through puzzle games, you become more patient and think before making your next move on your opponent. Best of all, you’ll establish spatial awareness of the vicinity around you and act accordingly.

2. Another Form Of Mental Exercise:

Although puzzles are fun, it’s also another form of mental exercise for your brain. These puzzle games enhance your memory power and make you better at what you are doing. You’ll learn new tactics and strategies and promote a healthy mindset as you keep playing every day. Playing puzzle games might not make you a ninja, but it changes how you see things as you move forward. Just the way you train your body to remain fit and healthy, your mind also needs that training to keep it functioning well, and puzzle games do wonders for your brain.

3. Boosts Your Productivity Levels:

Puzzles are not just stress-busters or memory boosters. They are more than just games. They drive your mental strength forward, clear the hazy grey area in your mind, accelerate, and help you think succinctly. Most importantly, these puzzle games distract your mind from all those fuzzy thoughts and put you back straight into the driver’s seat. Other than that, they also improve your communication skills and help you coordinate appropriately with the people around you. A victory at the end of the puzzle game, the satisfaction you get from it, and a loud cheer from your fellas will add bonus points to your productivity levels.

4. Improves Your Cognitive And Problem-Solving Skills:

Cognitive thinking is the central part of your brain, as it involves thinking, storing and retrieving information, and gaining knowledge. Improving yourself starts from the cognitive level because that’s where all your problem-solving skills are. And puzzles are the best games to help you reach there. Because they are designed to enhance your thinking ability, they sharpen your spatial-visual intelligence, give you a better understanding of what you are dealing with, and aid you in achieving your goals step by step.

5. Promotes Social Inclusion:

Social interaction is a skill that requires good communication, cooperation, understanding people and their mindsets, patience, and most importantly, perseverance. As playing puzzle games that involve people, say, one-on-one battles with random gaming enthusiasts, you are not just solving some random puzzle, but you are also communicating with your opponent through hints and live interactions. Playing them not only helps you overcome the hassle of interacting with people around, but also helps you feel included in groups. Isn’t that amazing? Well, it is if you play them regularly.


People play puzzle games for two reasons. One, to refresh their minds and enhance their creativity levels. And two, it’s played for entertainment and educational purposes. Nevertheless, whatever may be the reason behind playing puzzle games, just like you add good food to your regular diet, incorporate good puzzle games for your sound mental health too. Platforms like ONMO will help you find fascinating puzzles to play, where you can opt for single-user mode, or challenge for a one-on-one battle. Now without wasting any of your time, hop onto ONMO, choose your ideal puzzle game, and start playing. The sooner, the better.

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