5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Simulation Racing Games

Have you considered taking a brief trip to a virtual track? A simulation car game might not give you the same thrill as racing a car down the highway at midnight, but it can sure give you similar adrenaline-filled fun.

Vehicle simulation games, even on Android and iOS phones, can have immersive effects that are good enough to convince the most experienced driver.  Some car racing games allow you to shift gear manually, while letting amateurs play on auto until they pick up the rules of the road. These games are all about speed! Manoeuvre daringly around the obstacles to reach the finish line. Laser-like focus and cat-like reflexes are required to win you challenges.

But that’s all about the fun. What about other benefits?

Surprisingly, any simulation car game can help you in many ways, a few of which are highlighted below –

#1. Increases Your Processing Powers

An average human brain can process a lot of information at any given time. However, driving requires your mind to process information simultaneously while keeping your attention on the road ahead. Assessing damage and wear on the vehicle, noticing an upcoming turn or navigating a way to overtake the vehicle ahead requires mental agility. Does it mean if you don’t have a driving license, you can never develop an agile brain? What if we say you can build these skills without even touching the car’s wheel? Yes, car racing games with manual gears allow players to role-play a skilled driver to perfection. Moreover, the hard-bend manoeuvring techniques applied to win a car race virtually can develop your mental agility the same way driving a car on the road does. You have to change gears, accelerate or brake and avoid obstacles as you race down the track overtaking other racing cars.

The manoeuvres sound easy, but these simulation car games are hard to win. Even years of practice with real cars might not be enough to avert sudden accidents.

#2. Offers an Exciting Break from Boredom

Nothing can beat the fun of a long drive with your friends. But, did you know, you can enjoy the same thrill while sitting at home? Mobile cloud gaming platforms like ONMO allow players to loop in their gang for a friendly challenge. You can easily sign in to one of the best vehicle simulation games and enjoy racing down the track. Do you think you can beat the best driver in your group? Invite them for the one-on-one challenge and see who brings the trophy home. When are you planning a racing date night?

#3. Creates Laser-Like Focus

Are you finding it hard to focus on your studies? How can you focus on your syllabus when your mind is overwhelmed by information overload? Netizens are finding ways to get their lost focus back on track, and mobile car simulation games have proven to be the ideal antidote. When obstacles on the track start emerging at increased speed and other racing cars blazing horns to distract you from all sides, you need to stay laser-focused. You have to constantly redirect your attention to the curves and bends in the track, keeping tabs on other vehicles closing in from both directions, and watch for obstacles emerging out of the blue. Your brain constantly shifts from one aspect to another, processing each detail and signalling you to act accordingly. That is not easy. The moment you lose focus from the game, your battle is done.

When you keep playing multiple simulation car games with the same intent intact, your focus and concentration power will increase. Apply the same skills to other areas, and you will be surprised to see the results.

#4. Enables Fast Decision-Making

Albert Einstein once said the only source of knowledge is experience. Needless to say, the more you experience, the more knowledge you gain with time. Unless you experience the need to take prompt decisions on the spot, you will never develop the ability to do so. What puts your decision-making skills to test better than racing games?

Unless you are a real-life car racer, you can never develop the art of prompt decision-making from your regular activities. So, your next best bet would be simulation car games. High-speed multiplayer car racing games beg thousands of decisions per race from the racers. But, when you get into the practice of taking quick calls under tight racing conditions and time constraints, you can make faster decisions on the spot.

#5. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Now, with prompt decisions come expert problem-solving skills. Again, practice and experience can make a master of solving riddles. The best car simulation games for Android can award you with that skill. Think about it – an experienced sportsman maps out a plan beforehand to strategize their moves. A skilled car racer visualizes the race to note roadblocks mentally, hurdles, turns and bends, and car movements. This homework paves for a better outcome in the final match. Even if the results are not impressive, the players learn and remember their mistakes. Going forward, they use the same data to create better strategies. Mobile racing games are all about building strategies and winning races. Once you play them, you will remember your previous mistakes and chalk out your strategies accordingly. Just like practice makes a person perfect, playing these games daily can boost your problem-solving capacity greatly.


Simulation car games are designed to award players with an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience. But games are not always meant to entertain you. They can serve a much bigger purpose. They teach life-changing lessons in a fun and engaging way, much like car simulator games. So, be it boredom that you want to beat, or you just enjoy racing, these games can uplift your mood in no time. Check out the best car simulation games for Android and start racing!

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