8 Surprising Benefits of Playing Board Games

Let’s begin with an interesting fact – board games are centuries old. In fact, strategy board games like Backgammon, developed around 1300 BC, taught players how to strategize. Little did we know that while moving pieces strategically on the chequered board to beat our opponent, we were learning the tricks of the art of war. Or, as we played a game of Monopoly, we exhibited the skills of a solid businessman. You can learn while gaming, which is ideal for using spare time productively. Board games do that for us.

But what if classic board games have more to offer, and playing them frequently enriches your mental well-being? Yes, you heard it right. Several studies have proved that board games keep your mind positive, sane, and sound. Adding board games to your daily routine keeps mental stress away and engages you in a fun and productive way.

Even though our fast-paced lives leave less bandwidth to play classic board games, you can easily tune into cloud-based gaming platforms like ONMO instead. Here, you will find the same board games but in a revamped shape. However, the old-school flavour remains intact. You can enjoy a few minutes of playing Bingo Mania online with your friends, in-between chasing targets, and then return to work with a fresh mind.

On that note, here we share with you the top 8 surprising benefits of playing board games.

 #1. Let You Socialize Like Never Before

Parents rarely wish to see their children turn into couch potatoes. Hence, challenging kids to a board game session keeps them mentally active and awards perfect family time.

Playing Bingo online is always better than watching TV for hours.

Board games are best enjoyed when played in groups, and cloud-based mobile gaming platforms like ONMO allow friends to challenge each other and win cash. The old flavour of regrouping with friends and enjoying board games remains the same, only the medium for playing changed.

#2. Games Can be Motivating

Board games are designed to relax your tired brain. Most importantly, these games are highly rewarding. Nothing motivates a player better than beating an opponent in Toon Clash Chess. Winning is always compelling. The more you win challenges, the more motivated you feel to battle the strongest players in the team. Thanks to ONMO and other similar platforms, challenging the strongest player in the community is easy. Play your favourite board game online and beat the best player in the pack. The feeling is exhilarating, especially when you earn cash with each win.

Need a motivation booster? You have one – play board games online.

#3. Improves Mental Health

Board games are a sure-fire way to bust work-life stress and boost mental health. The engaging factor of mobile board games keeps troubled minds diverted and occupied in a fun way. This can help free your mind from depressive thoughts and help you to manage anxiety. For instance, after having a long day at work, you may want a few hours of relaxation. Browsing social media sites does little to ease your tired brain. But, a friendly match of Four-in-A-line online can help you relax. According to the British Medical Journal, board games alleviate depression and prevent dementia in older people.

#4. Builds Relationships

Nothing is as fragile as interpersonal relationships. More importantly, family time is buried under piles of work throughout the week. So too are the happy evenings spent with friends. Experts say communication is the hallmark of any healthy relationship. However, video games contribute less to building healthy relationships since these games are designed for solo players only. Board games do the opposite.

Mobile board games offer perfect family time gaming with parents who like their classic versions. You can easily play your favourite board game with friends via a mobile browser or invite friends online. It is not just about playing; you can chat and share a few jokes simultaneously via other social media platforms, just like you did while playing a game of Snakes and Ladders earlier.

#5. Perfect For All Age Groups

Board games are designed for all. Hence, there’s no age limit to enjoying a game of Ludo online. No matter how old you are, you can always have a reason to laugh and jump like a kid after winning every challenge. Board games are reminiscent of our lost-lost childhood days. Yet, they are enjoyed with the same fervour, irrespective of how many grey hairs you have earned. Many studies have recommended these games to older people, as online board games enhance their memory and can improve their mental state of mind.

#6. Educational in Nature

Board games can teach important values to kids. Introducing your child to these games can teach them how to measure each move, apply logic, beat an opponent, play smart, and so on. Even if they lose a game, they can develop a spirit of sportsmanship from an early age. In addition, mobile board games like Monopoly help players acquire financial and investment knowledge while playing. Keeping these benefits in mind, many schools have introduced board games in their curriculum.

#7. Teaches You Strategy

Winning a chess game is like winning a battle. To master such board games, players need to have a good understanding of the art of war. And, an art of war is nothing more than strategically placing your soldiers to defeat opponents while holding your ground. As mentioned earlier, board games teach combat strategies to gamers. Playing mobile board games requires techniques to win against your opponent. Unlike video games that rely on impromptu actions, these games entail a relaxed mindset and logical thinking to get through to the next level. Calm temperament and patience can help you observe your opponent’s moves before placing your best piece forward. But, if you are not attentive to the opponent’s changing strategy, you can quickly lose an already won game. These skills developed while playing board games online can always help you to fight and win any challenge you face in your life moving forward.

#8. It Keeps You Happy

Games are designed to make you happy. Remember the old days when you challenged your best friend to a friendly game? You can now replicate that feeling by playing classic board games online. True happiness is when you can build memories together and share those moments. It’s true; mobile board games do not bring friends physically together. But we can still share jokes while playing online. The more we laugh, the more our body releases endorphins. That is a natural ‘feel-good’ chemical released by our bodies every time we laugh and have fun, leaving a person feeling cheerful, compassionate, and content. The more you play these board games with friends online, the more joyful you feel.

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