Tower Defence Game Hacks – Learn the 5 Best Tips & Tricks

Bam! Bam! Bam! Then, the warning bell starts blaring at full volume to announce enemies have infiltrated your territory and are coming in full force.

There’s a perimeter breach at North End – No, this is not a scene from The Walking Dead. Instead, it is a sequence of a mobile tower defence game.

Defending your position and safeguarding your towers is no easy task. The enemies keep coming as you exhaust your remaining ammo, firing aimlessly at them. One shot at you from the enemy, and you are done.

The last life drains out of you, and the game ends right there.

Mobile tower defence games need a well-planned strategy; hence, the name, strategic defence game. There are two ways to win the tournaments. First, play 3-5 minutes sessions of Solo Challenges and pick up a few tips and tricks of your opponent to beat them in their game. Second, refer to our following tips and surprise your strongest competitor with an ace up your sleeve.

Tower Defence Game Hacked with 5 Helpful Tips

Fear not – we didn’t hack the game. But, we did manage to hack some tricks and tips to ace any mobile tower defence game like a Pro.

#Tip 1: Never Skip the Instruction Manual

Yes, reading through an instruction manual is quite boring. The common practice is – dive straight into the game. But, that won’t help you ace a strategic defence game quickly. Unlike hyper-casual or racing games, games falling under this genre are tricky to master. There are many intricacies to these games. Instead of eating up your ammo and given lives, take a minute to read through the manual online. You can find small tips and tricks hidden there to help you survive longer.

#Tip 2: Explore, Learn & Remember

It is a common practice – know your opponents. Likewise, when you enter an alien territory, explore and learn about the various entries and exits. There can be many elements to remember. To ace any mobile game, be it a hyper-casual game or a tower defence game, you have to note the smallest details. Most importantly, remember them.

A strategic defence game is not always straightforward. However, paying close attention to every teeny-tiny detail will help you progress in the game. In addition, you might find some unique tools and clues, which might help you defend your ground better later.

#Tip 3: Carefully Choose Your Defensive Towers

Mobile tower defence games are about building and placing towers to protect your territory from incoming enemies. Here, you need a strategy to place the towers at key points on the game map so that they would be able to hit more targets at a time. Make and build your defensive fortress strategically.

Choosing short-range towers and placing them close to turning points on the game map can easily light up many enemies at a time. Long ranged towers are usually placed in the middle of the ground to maximize their firing range.

You may also have the option of choosing special towers with unique abilities. These towers are your strongest arsenal. For example, using poison towers at the beginning of the game can easily reduce the life of your targets instantly.

#Tip 4: Keep Upgrading Towers

Don’t forget to upgrade your towers! Increasing their range will help you to win a strategic defence game level. When you choose a slow tower to upgrade, you will be awarded, especially when your enemies are susceptible to damage from these towers. As you proceed, you might have to alter your strategies, like choosing between quality and quantity. If your opponent has a strong defence armour, you have to upgrade your defence towers also. Here, having a single, mighty tower is better than having multiple towers at your defence. Obviously, you will learn these tricks gradually. That brings us to the last tip for the day.

#Tip 5: Practice Makes You Perfect

Developing an art-of-war defensive instinct doesn’t happen overnight. You need continuous practice to ace a strategic defence game. There are no shortcuts to success, and these games do not have any shortcuts for winning. Practising and perfecting your skills is the only way forward.

Thankfully, cloud-based mobile gaming platforms like ONMO provide Risk-free Tournaments for casual esports gamers. Players can practice as much as they like before challenging other players.


Crushing candies might sound fun. But, nothing can beat the fun element in building strategies and defeating enemies. Only a tower defence board game-like Defence Zone 2 and others can award you with complete satisfaction. The more you beat the levels, the better you get, so practice and gradually inch toward success. If you like tower defence titles, you can earn cash when you play these games on mobile cloud gaming platforms like ONMO. No download required. So, why are you waiting? Try any tower defence board game and perfect your battle strategies.

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