Cloud Gaming 101 and 5 ways it’s revolutionizing the future of gaming

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming, also commonly known as gaming-as-a-service, or gaming on demand, is a method of playing online video games on remote servers in data centers. In contrast to the traditional ways of gaming, here, the games can be conveniently played locally on a user’s computer, mobile phone, or gaming console.

In this blog, we have rounded up how Cloud Gaming tech works and all the benefits it has over traditional means of gaming.

What is Cloud Gaming?

With Cloud Gaming, there is no need to download or install any games on a mobile phone, PC, or console. Here, there’s a requirement for a stable internet connection for sending gaming information to a browser or an app on the recipient’s device.

While the game is played and rendered on the remote server, the whole gaming experience can be enjoyed on the local device. For most platforms, Cloud Gaming requires a monthly/yearly subscription for access to their services.

Additionally, there might be paid games apart from that fee. Think of it like Netflix or any other streaming platform that you watch content on. For Cloud Gaming, all that is needed is a good internet connection.

Here are the two of the biggest advantages of this technology:

  • No need to buy new hardware frequently to play the latest games
  • With just with an internet connection, a user can play any games, anywhere, on any devices

Although Cloud Gaming has been around for pretty much a decade now, until recently, it hadn’t really caught up. Earlier, due to low average internet speed, it lacked a user base. But gone are those days of trouble, especially with 5G adoption which has begun across the globe. With big industries taking a leap into Cloud Gaming, this is exactly where the future of gaming is headed. How does it exactly work, though? We’ll break it down.

How does Cloud Gaming work?

In principle, game streaming works the way video streaming does. Earlier, to watch movies, we had to buy Blu-ray discs or DVDs, but now we don’t. Similarly, for Cloud Gaming, you enjoy playing the games without the need to own any high-end hardware. Or any hardware, for that matter.

So essentially, when you start playing a game on a Cloud Gaming platform or service, instead of manually inserting a disc or booting an existing app, a server does that for you. That’s how you can stream a feed of multiple games at one place regardless of your location.

Typically, Cloud streaming services are compatible with the latest controllers. For smartphones and tablets, there’s also an option of using on-screen controls.

What are the benefits of Cloud Gaming?

Benefits of Cloud gaming

Cloud Gaming has been rightfully called the future of the gaming industry. Here are some of the most crucial benefits that it brings:

1. Excellent compatibility across devices

Thanks to the highly scalable platform, users can play high-end video games on low-end devices. Cloud Gaming services enable games to be platform-independent. So you can enjoy Android Cloud Gaming and iOS Cloud Gaming on your mobile phones and tablets.

The limitations of traditional gaming – memory storage, graphics capacity, and processing power have all been resolved by Cloud Gaming technology to provide users a brilliant gaming experience.

2. Significant reduction in cost

The other obvious advantage of this technology is that the overall cost is reduced. With Cloud Gaming, the constant need for up-gradation to the latest hardware in the gaming world is eliminated.

You buy the hardware once, or even simple, just use your mobile phones, and you’re sorted for life. The subscription fee includes a library of games that users can seamlessly enjoy. There are also plenty of options available for free Cloud Gaming.

3. Access to a multitude of games

Gaming enthusiasts can get access to a plethora of video games at their fingertips. Companies can also benefit by generating more revenue this way while providing a rich gaming experience. The gaming sector is becoming more dynamic now with the involvement of service providers and users.

4. Prevention of piracy

All Cloud Gaming service providers have legal rights to stream games on their platforms. This way, it’s ensured that the games aren’t manipulated, and thereby this will prevent piracy. Game publishers have a great opportunity to jump on the mobile Cloud Gaming technology to avoid piracy of their games and to gain higher profits.

5. Security

Any risks of hacking are eliminated because the user data is stored on secure servers and is transferred only through secure connections. Since the data isn’t stored locally, the security is maintained, and the users can play their favorite games without any privacy concerns.

Closing thoughts – Cloud Gaming is the future

While hardcore gamers will never stop enjoying the traditional console, for casual gamers, though, the whole gaming experience has augmented. What truly enhances the Cloud Gaming experience is cross-platform syncing and the support for all mobile devices. It is becoming popular every day, simply because of the fact that it is convenient. It works.

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