Say Adios To Downloading, Now Play Casual Games Online

Say Adios To Downloading

Since the advent of smartphones, web browser games have become a popular trend. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of fun games to play online. You can play those games without downloading them from an app store. Isn’t that fascinating? Well, ONMO is one such mobile cloud gaming platform that offers hundreds of fun games. With just a click, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience of your favorite casual games on your mobile  screen.

The entire credit goes to smartphone users, as they are the ones who popularized cloud-based gaming. As per the latest figures of 2021, the total number of smartphone users has grown over six billion globally. The report also said China, India and the United States are the countries that have a significant number of smartphone users. Out of 3 billion gamers, 2.8 billion of them play on their mobile phones.

5G Mobile Cloud Gaming

The latest buzzword in gaming is “mobile cloud gaming”. Through mobile cloud gaming, users can play their favorite online games anytime and from anywhere. The best part of mobile cloud gaming is that you don’t need a console or any hardware to play.

All you need is a steady internet connection and a smartphone. Although mobile cloud gaming emerged a few years ago, technical glitches and latency problems reduced the rate of adoption. Recently, a lot of things have changed in the cloud computing world. Game development companies are using this opportunity to work on building social games that build online gaming communities.

When the 5G networks take over the market, mobile cloud gaming will become even more exciting. Big tech players like Google, Microsoft have already set their foot into cloud gaming. Online gaming companies are buoying up to build entertaining titles.

Cloud-Based Games You Can Play On Your Mobile

ONMO is a browser and mobile cloud gaming platform. You can remotely access the game of your choice available in the library and play at your comfort. There are numerous fun games to play online on ONMO. Here are a few:

Unblock Now: Want to escape from the closed walls? Unblock Now helps you with that. Slide the blocks up, down, left and right to solve the puzzle.

Pizza Ninja Story: Who loves a pizza? Well, everyone does. This Ninja mobile cloud game distracts your mind as you keep on slashing the fruits and pizzas. Slice and cut it into pieces and enjoy the yummy piece all by yourself with Pizza Ninja Story. Don’t forget to use features like pumpkin bomb, or ninja freedom for bonus points. Overall, the game is extremely fun.

Basketball 3D: After a stressful hour at work, you want to bounce like a ball, throw yourself in the net, and sleep like a baby. This ultimate Basketball 3D arcade game is one of the most fun games to play online. Being a cloud-based game, you can directly access this entertaining game on ONMO.

Boxing Physics 2: Vent all your anger and frustration on your opponent by punching him left and right with Boxing Physics 2. Be Mike Tyson for the day and keep hitting them ferociously to the ground. As you advance, you’ll face new opponents, and of course, earn virtual money for defeating them. This cloud-based mobile game is also available on ONMO to play.

Trends In Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming

With the rollout of 5G, there are myriad trends in cloud-based mobile gaming. Despite billions of game downloads on The Play Store or App Store, online gaming has never lost its popularity, eliminating the need for downloading. The new trend that’s slowly entering gaming is interaction with other players through multiplayer mode. You can chat and communicate with the other players and build your game communities online.

Another trend that’s making rounds in the market are hyper-casual games. Though these games look common and repetitive, gamers get addicted to these simple mechanics. With an instant click, you can play these hyper-casual games on ONMO. The coolest part of playing these games is that they involve less onboarding, set a time frame to play, easy controls, minimalistic design, and addictive gameplay features.

Some popular, yet interesting fun games to play online are the Horror Nights,  and many other similar hyper-casual games that have our hearts even though we play them for hours. According to Sensor Tower report 2021, almost 33.33 percent gamers play hyper-casual games. Genre-wise, arcade games touched 33 percent, while puzzle games reached 78 percent popularity.

These days, social trends have also witnessed a sharp rise among gamers, where gamers get to connect with their peers, and subsequently make new friends online. A report by Facebook states that 38 percent of gamers prefer to chat while playing games. Down the line, the mobile gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6 percent between 2021-2026.

With never-ending competition and technological advancements, the future of mobile cloud gaming will be a thrilling and adventurous ride.


Mobile cloud gaming or web browser gaming is the growing trend in the gaming industry. While there are a gazillion games on app stores to download, most gamers are attracted to web-based games. And the reason is there are myriad opportunities for gamers to explore online. Most importantly, gaming companies are keeping a tab of the interests and culture of gamers and are designing content based on their preferences. The developments are still a work in progress, as the mobile cloud gaming market has a long way to go. You can play your favorite fun games online by visiting the cloud-based gaming platform ONMO here.

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