10 Fun Games To Play Online With Your Friends Right Now

10 Fun Games To Play Online

Online games are always fun to play when you are bored at home, when you are hanging out with your friends, or when you are on a break at work. It’s always exciting to indulge in online gaming activities to refresh your mind, as several studies reveal that games are one way to activate your slumbering mind, ease mental stress, and help you find a state of tranquility. There are so many fun games to play online, and you don’t need any in-built framework or infrastructure set up to play these games. Your smartphone will suffice.

Web-based cloud gaming platforms like ONMO grant you the liberty to play your favourite games online without the need to download them. ONMO has games of different genres like adventure, puzzle, action and many more, in formats like battles, tournaments, and solo challenges. Interested players can participate in the ongoing daily multiplayer tournaments for a nominal fee. The winner of the match is entitled to get a reward – either cash (TnC apply) or virtual ONMO coins. Be our guest and start playing on ONMO now. There is a pool of fun games to play online. Here are the ten best fun games that you must try.

OK Golf: It’s one of the most simple and fun games to play online. This game immerses you into its world of picturesque spots and soothing sounds of golf. The whole game is structured with aesthetic scenic locations with golf flags etched to the ground. They’ll be several levels and impediments as you advance in the game. Shoot your shot by simply dragging and releasing the ball in the desired direction. This game gives you the ultimate zen at stressful hours or while you are commuting somewhere far.

Road To Be King: Endless running games are always fun and popular since their inception in the gaming world. The “Road To Be King” game comes with a confluence of action and adventure, as the monkey traverses the whole kingdom with a sword. Just like every running game, use both your fingers to swipe the directions, dodge the obstacles and treacherous traps, collect gold coins, and battle the monsters that come in your way. Don’t forget to boost the special power-ups to stay in the game for as long as possible.

Hidden Objects: Thief’s Mystery: If you are a fan of mystery-solving games, this game is one of the best picks under the brain puzzle game category. As a player, help the master thief find and steal the hidden objects, artefacts, and relics from rich mansions. Hidden Objects Thief’s Mystery requires keen attention to details and things, as it’s your job to find the objects hidden in the messy residence. Another reason this game is among the best fun games to play online is because it’s entertaining to solve mysteries, helps you bring back your lost focus and keeps the distraction at bay. So, use your meticulous spotting skills and find the objects that the master thief entails. 

Solitaire Royal: Who doesn’t love playing cards? Be it a college trip to an exotic location or sitting with a group of friends, cards are your best shot to uplift the mood., this game brings the lost ambience in the air. But what if people are at different locations? Well, no worries, because ONMO, the cloud-based online gaming platform, brings you several card games to your mobile phone, and Solitaire Royal is one of them. You can play this game of cards just like the standard game you play in reality.

Boxing Physics 2: Are you having a frustrating day at work? Or, are you a big crazy boxing fan? Then, this striking game is for you. Boxing Physics is a fun game filled with animated characters who are always ready to challenge you for a fight. Through this game, you can vent out your inner frustration by scoring against your opponents. The game is designed with staggering graphics, multiple unique characters, easy controls, several game modes, and ultimate challenging missions. Fight with your opponent and win prizes accordingly.

Tower Builder: How wonderful it is to build a home by yourself? It’s a beautiful feeling. Categorized under best construction games, you can revamp your whole city with a strike of a hammer. Tower Builder is one such game where you can construct towers at a height that’s beyond our eyes’ reach. People of all ages can play this captivating game. With its vivid graphics and spectacle titles, this megapolis city game has swept the feet of the gamers.

Cut The Rope: Have you seen a candy-eating monster? Well, the Cut The Rope is all about the fluffy frog called On Nom. From adventure to logic behind the puzzles, Cut The Rope is one of the most fun games to play online. In the game, as a player, you have to feed the monster with candies. Cut the rope with a slick strike of your hand, collect stars, and get the candy to the monster. This hardcore yet the simple game has received several awards for its alluring graphics, cute characters, innovative game setup, and outstanding usage of physics to design puzzles behind the story.

Mechanic Escape: Real superheroes are the ones who save the lives of their friends. Here, Mech is that superhero structured in the form of a TV set. He runs along the trajectory and fights against the evil machines to save his friends from the persecuted world. He faces every threat with audacity. Through this game, Mech teaches gamers an important lesson: not to give up in life and keep fighting till the end. If you are a fan of adventure, then this game is for you.

Table Top Racing: Racing games are simply elegant and addictive to the core. Be it cars or bikes; racing games drive the adrenaline rush in the players. Table Top Racing captures all the mechanics of action games. The game comprises 8 flex racing tracks, 17 upgraded cars, 9 power-ups, and 7 fantastic gaming modes. So, if you are looking for a long thrilling ride with amazing surroundings, then Table Top Racing is a must-play game. Visit ONMO, and enjoy the journey with a quick, fun ride.

Pool Clash 8 Ball Billiards: Pool has been played for years now and still hasn’t lost its shine. In the earlier days, people used to visit casinos to play games like Pool Clash 8 Ball Billiards, but today, it’s available online for free. Now players across the world can play this online game by teaming up in groups. To become an excellent Billiards player, you have to compete with great ball strikers.


Wake up your mind with an excellent refreshing online game. Several research studies have confirmed that playing online games reduces stress levels and improves proper brain functioning. Although online games have their share of adversities, they have a long list of benefits too. Not only do online games improve our social conditioning, but it also bridges the communication gap, which is necessary to face the real world outside. Thanks to platforms like ONMO who are simplifying gaming.

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