7 Reasons Why Playing Action Games is a Must in 2022

We’re currently leading a mundane life in the pandemic-ridden world. A tad bit of excitement is what we need to add spice to our lives. Good action games fill that gap aptly.

Let’s face it – who doesn’t like action in life? Sadly, our routine life doesn’t allow us the luxury to enjoy an action-packed evening with friends playing snooker. However, mobile gaming platforms bring the old flavor back without breaking the social distancing protocol, even for a couple of minutes. Players can easily open their mobile browser and enjoy 3-5 minutes of fun gaming with friends in-between work hours or while travelling. Nothing diverts your mind better than combatting enemies and ending zombies. Hence, top action games like Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have garnered over 500 and 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

Further, statistics say there are approximately 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, out of which 55.08% of mobile gamers prefer action games. And, revenue generated from this genre touched the $28 million mark in 2021. Interestingly, experts believe action game downloads will reach 24,685.9 million in 2022.

These figures are promising, which brings us to the next big question – why players should try more action games in 2022.

7 Reasons to Play Action Games in 2022

Action games have the same impact as any action-packed film, with a minor difference. Allow us further to elucidate the appealing factor of these free action games.

 #1. A Chance to Be in the Center of the Action

Have you ever wondered if you could be a part of the action while watching Guardians of The Galaxy or The Terminator? These action-packed science fiction films excite viewers greatly. No wonder they rule the box office! But, you can only watch them, being on the other side of the screen. However, action games can make you a part of the action. You can enjoy shooting at your enemies and being a part of the plot, not as a silent viewer but as one of the main characters. You can jump, run, shoot and bash enemies and experience the rush of adrenaline in real life. Unlike films, these games usually give you limited lives but unlimited powers. That’s what makes these games so engaging and challenging at the same time. Be a part of your favourite superhero gang and kill enemies as much as you want, with superhuman powers – no one will stop you.

#2. A Buffet of Entertainment

Solving a simple problem doesn’t fill us with the same excitement as a challenging one. Action games bring intricate challenges with each passing level. The more you win, the more competitive you become. In addition, bonus points open doors for new powers added to your character. And, you grow as strong as the Hulk and more powerful than Captain America.

Action in games is the perfect antidote to our mundane lives. Nothing can make you more alive than ending your hectic day chasing targets with an action-packed hour of shooting enemies. You fire continuously as your enemies approach with more speed than ever. But, the more enemies you eliminate, the more points are added to your kitty. You can use these points to enhance your character’s skills. Smashing them all at once with your extraordinary power fills you with joy. The challenging bite-sized puzzles in-between levels is quite refreshing too! Even though these puzzles look easy to tackle, they can test your analytical skills seriously.

So, you see, action games are a complete package of entertainment. You fight like the Supercops, destroy like the Terminator, solve intricate puzzles like the Maze Runners, and win like the Avengers!

#3. More Immersive than Action Films

The gaming industry has come a long way from slithering snakes crawling through the maze to an immersive virtual space filled with approaching spaceships and firing aliens. The engaging graphics and sound effects make the gaming experience surreal. The effects transport the players right at the centre of the action and fill them with the same excitement of facing and shooting enemies. You can feel your heart racing inside your chest as you try escaping a formidable enemy shooting at you. You feel the desperation when your lives are limited and ammo consumed. Take a brief pause to boost your strength and regain lost lives by solving bite-sized puzzles. Then, you make a dramatic comeback with renewed arsenal and feel the rush as you end all your opponents one by one.

Getting goosebumps already?

#4. Engaging Storyline

Have you watched the Jumanji film series or tried playing the game? The interactive storyline of similar action games makes the whole gaming experience real and breath-taking. Here, players are no longer silent observers but real characters who take the story forward. You can interact with the other players, brainstorm strategies and fight like war mates. The more you interact with the storyline, the more you get immersed in the plot. Until you end the game, you cannot quit playing. Just like the characters in Jumanji, you feel the burden of relieving the fiction world from brutal enemies. Then the excitement follows when you successfully rid the world of them. The sudden twists and turns of events keep the engaging factor intact and continuing. Mobile gaming platforms like ONMO permit players to bring their friends on board.

The rising popularity of these free action games has compelled developers to introduce new twists and turns in the plot. As a result, these games are back with more excitement and thrill than before. The storyline gets more engaging, so are the characters. With fresh powers added to your arsenal, you are mightier than Thanos. But, your enemies are equally mighty, which makes the game so thrilling. Your involvement in the character and the plot can only win you the challenges because you are now combatting a formidable enemy. So, gather your wits, build your arsenal, and bring your strongest fighters to the frontline – you have your galaxy to defend.

#5. Aptly Maintains Social Distancing Protocols

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from being over. Hence, social distancing is a continuous protocol. So, hanging out with friends remains a distant dream. No more binging together with poker or rolling balls to drop the pins. But you don’t have to feel the burden of staying afar from your gang. Mobile gaming platforms can easily bring you closer to them and add the same flavour of binge-playing. Invite them via Facebook or WhatsApp enjoy competing with each other in action game challenges for hours. You can also share a few inside jokes on Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram as you smash open an alien’s head. These games will give you the same fun of playing with friends but from a safe distance.

Planning a game night date virtually? A whole new world of exciting action games is awaiting your gang!

#6. Play without Downloading

Courtesy of mobile gaming platforms like ONMO, playing action games have become easier. All you need to do is open a gaming platform on your mobile browser and start playing. Yes, a good internet connection is paramount. But, you can play as long as you want, free of downloading worries, buffering issues, software glitches and irritating in-app ad videos.

#7. The Secret Dessert!

No, not the victory, but the rare opportunity to beat the top scorer is immeasurable. That’s the secret dessert you can relish if you play your favourite free action games online like Boxing Physics 2. Tune into mobile gaming platforms like ONMO, choose your favourite sport, beat the top scorer and rule the leader board. Doesn’t that sound like a sweet after-meal dessert to you?


The rising popularity of this category of games have put developers to a real test and compelled them to bring something extra to the table. Hence, top action games are back with renewed fervour. New-age technologies like AR and VR promise untold fun and thrill – something you never experienced before. Since the top action games are vying with each other to get the top position in players’ favourite list, you can expect new elements being added constantly. Nothing makes you more alive than chasing enemies and defeating them. These games are loaded with such elements. They are an a la carte of entertainment that can easily keep players from 18 to 60 glued to the screen. Since they made a comeback with more excitement, you have more reasons to play them in 2022.

As we mentioned earlier, social distancing is still observed worldwide to fight the pandemic. However, playing action games online from the safety of your home connects you with your friends better than a game of poker, with guaranteed action-packed fun for unlimited hours.

So, play with ONMO; play without downloading!

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