Still Trending: Here Are The Best Puzzle Games To Play With Your Friends

Best Puzzle Games To Play

We all need a break from the bustling work life, and if that interlude comes in the form of a puzzle game, it’s refreshingly rewarding. The advent of smartphones gave rise to operating systems like Android and iOS to build exciting apps and games. These ageless Android puzzle games have become significantly popular in several countries, particularly in the U.S, India, China, and Japan.

Now, if you look at the country-wise revenue generated by puzzle games for 2020, the U.S reports $2 billion, followed by Japan with $1.2 billion, and China with $0.9 billion. This substantial growth in the puzzle games market is due to the spike in smartphone users globally and the proper plan of action and customer retention strategies deployed by gaming companies.

So, if you see the big picture of the mobile puzzle games market, they haven’t lost their spark and presence in the gaming world yet. Instead, they have turned into an exciting money-making industry. On top of that, the evolution of a multiplayer mode gave a different appeal to the puzzle game market by fostering social interactions and building new gaming communities online.

Why Are Puzzle Games For Android Still Popular?

As puzzle games are known for their stress-relieving characteristics, both kids and adults play them. The only requirements to play puzzle games are a basic smartphone and a steady internet connection. You can visit the mobile cloud gaming platform ONMO, choose your favourite puzzle game, and start playing instantly.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of reasons why gamers are so crazy about puzzle games. Playing puzzles regularly helps your brain to tackle challenging circumstances effortlessly. Below are some of the reasons why puzzle games for Android are still trending.

Facing Opponents: No one likes playing online puzzle games alone. It’s boring to sit and think for hours all by yourself to make one move. But to revive your mood back to normal, puzzle games have a multiplayer option, where you’ll have an opponent to face for a challenge. Likewise, as you advance playing more puzzle games, you’ll end up meeting new gamers and exciting people online too. 

Challenging Your Cognitive Skills: Although video games are thrilling to play as a kid, they’re missing an important aspect called cognitive skill development. When kids are young, their brain starts to take shape based on the things they do. So, adding something productive like puzzle games will do wonders to your brain. Not only does it enhance your thinking ability, but it also revitalizes your mental well-being.

Best Puzzle Games For Android To Play With Your Friends

There are millions of best puzzle games for Android users. But picking one puzzle game out of the lot is surely a difficult task to accomplish. Well, that stops now, as we share many fantastic puzzle games that you must try with your friends.

Move it: For a puzzle game fanatic, “Move It” will be an eye-opener. This solid puzzle game is well-structured to its simplest form. You can play this game by moving the red-block exit. The game consists of 6 levels and 300 puzzles, each with varying difficulties. The main aim of “Move It” is to strengthen your problem-solving skills.

Sudoku: In gaming history, Sudoku has etched a special place in the hearts of gamers. This brain challenging game is full of numbers. It comes with multiple difficulty levels; you can sit down with your friends and challenge each other in finishing the game. In case you are stuck, you can use the hints available for you. The best feature of this game is unlimited inputs, which means, if you make a mistake, you could go back to the previous setting as many times as you want. To master this game, you have to play more often.

Quadris: This is one of the best puzzle games for Android. The timeless nature is what made this puzzle game an inimitable one among many other puzzle games. This game challenges your brain to come up with novel strategies to complete drawing the board. Also, this game tests your puzzle-solving capabilities, time management, spatial reasoning, and visual performance. If you want to stretch beyond your initial mental abilities, this game is the one you can solve today.

Reversi Free: If you are a fan of board puzzle games, then Reversi Free is a must-try game. This well-designed game comes with a user-friendly set-up, and 64 disks with two sides – light and dark. Also known as Othello, Reversi Free is played by two players, where each person represents one disk colour. The rules of this game are uncomplicated, but how you strategize helps you succeed in this game.

Infinity Loop: You must have heard of connecting the dots. Here, in the Infinity Loop puzzle game, you have to connect the lines by rotating the squares from one corner to another. When it comes to the number of levels in the game, the name speaks it all. Playing this game enhances your focus and attention, augments your logical skills, and keeps your mind tranquil.


The confluence of smartphones and cloud technology has simplified the way people play games. Today, it’s easy to access any game online through the cloud. For instance, ONMO is one such web-based mobile cloud gaming platform that has opened the doors for casual gaming enthusiasts. Gamers can log in to ONMO through their Google and Facebook IDs  and start exploring their favourite puzzle games.

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