Play The Best Puzzle Games To Keep Your Mind Active

Play These Best Puzzle Games

There’s no doubt that online games keep your stress at bay. Why don’t you try puzzle games that are not only fun but also keep your brain cells active? Although we still love playing jigsaw puzzles and solving math questions to solve riddles, the internet has a treasure trove of the best puzzle games waiting to be discovered. Not only are they engaging to play, but they also act as a refresher for the mind. Even while you are socially distant from your peers, puzzle games are one way to keep yourself occupied.

As multiplayer is becoming a trend now, you can interact with your buddies during the game. Recently, web-based games are capturing gamers’ attention. In this fast-paced world, putting an effort to find the best puzzle games to download on the app store is time-consuming and also consumes the already limited storage space on your mobile phone. Hence, cloud gaming platforms like ONMO have simplified the way people play games.

Benefits Of Playing Puzzle Games

There is an adage, “one-shot, two birds“, which means a person can achieve two things by performing one action. Puzzle games are the same. There are several benefits of playing puzzle games.

Help keep you mentally healthy or active: The key to a happy and peaceful life is staying mentally fit and healthy. There’s no hesitation in saying that puzzles can be a good source of mental exercise. They also force players to think out of the box before they make their next move. Not only do they push the right buttons to rid you of stress, but they also sharpen your skills to pursue your regular activities smoothly and efficiently.

Another source of learning: Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children.” The crux of this quote stands on the thought that one needs to start educating themselves every day. And the best puzzle games offer the necessary foundation to boost your intellectual levels. Some of the skills provided by puzzle games are problem-solving and social interaction skills.

Helps you concentrate: We endure so many activities in our daily lives, and some of them require proper concentration and a long attention span. As puzzle games are known to require critical thinking and analytical reasoning, players have to spend more time finding the answers. Some puzzle games are even harder to play, and that’s when the brain pushes you to concentrate deeper. The more you play daily, the better will be your brain functionality.

Enhances your cognitive ability: One cannot think appropriately without cognitive skills. These skills are the door to the development of the brain. It involves remembering, learning, gaining knowledge, long-term memory, storing information, visual performance, and other significant skills for the brain. Through puzzle games, one can achieve these skills.

Worth your time: When you have nothing to do, playing a good puzzle game can be worth your time. It’s fantastic for your learning and helps you enhance your productivity and confidence levels.

Best Puzzle Games To Play

Now that you are mindful of the benefits of playing puzzle games, it’s time you start incorporating them into your life. Just sit wherever you are comfortable, ask a couple of friends to join you online, and get started. So, here are some of the most played and best puzzle games that you must try.

Web-Sudoku: An evergreen game for decades now. It used to come in newspapers, where people spent their mornings solving the puzzle. Now, the game is available to play online. You can play this addictive game anywhere, as it doesn’t need any setup, consoles, or joysticks. It’s a simple game with tiny squares and numbers. If you take a break between your work, try this awesome game, also available on ONMO for free.

Quadris: This timeless puzzle game has the potential to become everyone’s favorite. Enjoy drawing vibrant and colorful blocks to clear the way for new blocks. The amazing part of the game is once you start playing, you become engaged in solving the puzzle. They’ll be new challenges as the rows keep dropping. If you are planning to test the power of your brain, this game is unquestionably the way to go.

Bubble Puzzle: This is another interesting puzzle game. Although the game doesn’t look entirely like a puzzle, it has some of the features that mimic puzzle games. You shoot a colorful ball that matches the colors of the bubbles. To score quickly and advance on the leaderboard, match the color of the bubbles into groups of three. Just tap and shoot to test your visual puzzle-solving skills.

Checkers: If you know chess, then this game is like the one you played earlier. You have two options – single player and multiplayer. An AI-framework board game, this game is also called “English Draughts” because of its popularity in English-speaking countries. Playing this game enhances your creativity levels, deepens your focus, helps you stay attentive, and encourages planning and management skills.

Unblock Now: This is one of the best puzzle games that youngsters and adults can play. It stimulates your brain and challenges your thinking strategies. There are many themes like the car theme, marble theme, wooden theme, and others. You can choose your favorite theme and start playing. As you advance in this block game, it becomes harder for you to proceed. But don’t worry; there are hints to keep you going with the puzzle.

Toon Clash Chess: Who doesn’t love a fantasy world? If you recall a challenge from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where Ron Weasley played a chess game to help Harry access the door, it’s wizardly. Toon Clash Chess is an AI-designed game that comes with epic 3D animation characters and scintillating graphics. There are three levels – easy, medium, and complex. You can pick the difficulty level based on your understanding and familiarity with chess. You can play this stunning brain game with your peers and family on any device you choose.


Like every other game genre, puzzle games have shown a considerable spike in popularity over the years. The fundamental reason to play puzzle games is to boost your memory and ease you from work and social pressures. By 2027, the puzzle game market is expected to touch USD 47.83 billion, rising at a CAGR of 18.6 percent. So, from this, it’s apparent that there’s more scope for new puzzle games to hit the gaming market.

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