What does a
revolution sound like?


Because ONMO is about to launch a revolution. A revolution that will unleash the power of sound and connect billions of people across the world.


From the songs we love, to the melodies we are yet to discover. From the inspiring words of our heroes, to the cadences of human speech.


It is the sound of a revolution. And a revolution in sound.

Unleash the next dimension of you.

Sound can paint pictures, drive emotions and trigger the senses to transport you to another time and place. Sound lets you communicate who you are and what you love.

From the ONMO platform of mobile apps and services, you will be able to launch the next dimension of you. What do you sound like?

It's time to learn the new language of sound.

Harness your favorite moments of a song, share it with friends and loved ones alike.
Discover your next favorite band, idol or music genre.
Create your own world of sound by simply speaking, quoting, recording or just playing to celebrate an occasion, to express yourself, or to unleash your creativity.
ONMO's products will comprise an entire toolbox of expression and discovery, turning your phone from simply a talking device into an engine of sound.

Join us for the
sound revolution!