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Mobile puzzle games are great for your brain. Your analytical skills will be tested at every level as you apply different logic to solve complex problems or navigate locations like Mazes. Sharpen your brain and improve your analytical skills with Puzzle games for adults . The puzzles get more challenging with each passing level but guarantee endless hours of engaging problem-solving fun.

ONMO’s best mobile puzzle games are a sure treat for both serious and casual gamers. Players can win even without downloading an app. So, play puzzle games with ONMO and test your skill.

We have gathered together some of the best mobile puzzle games just for you.

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Lara Croft Go 765x1020 1

Lara Croft Go

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ONMO Platform Features

ONMO comes with exciting features, a few of which are described below

  • Moments – Moments are mini-game challenges built on top of existing mobile puzzle games. These challenges last for 1-3 minutes serving a single objective; pushing your position up the leaderboard. You can choose to play mobile puzzle games solo or challenge another player’s score or time.
  • Battles – ONMO battles are game sessions where players challenge friends or random opponents to compete on a specific moment. Participants pay for their entry in the battle either with virtual coins or local currency, and winners take home the prize.
  • Tournaments – Like any tournament, ONMO’s tournaments are built around multiplayer challenges. However, only the top 3 players get the winner’s trophy. Entry fees are applicable, just like in ONMO Battles. A single player can re-enter a tournament multiple times to try and win.
  • Solo Challenges – These puzzle game challenges are a group of moments called a Zone and usually have a single player. Each solo game costs the player ONMO coins to play. Once a moment is completed, the solo player wins a star. Post successful winning all stars within a Zone; a player can move to a new zone.
  • Leaderboard – A leaderboard keeps a tab of players ranking daily, weekly, and monthly. Can you beat your friend’s score?

Other Categories

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Hyper casual games are fun, with simple rules, zero skills, and limited time. Enjoy a few minutes of unlimited fun game challenges

Free mobile board games engage players condense tense hours into fast paced minutes, moving pieces on board logically to counter your opponent’s moves

About ONMO

ONMO has revolutionized the mobile gaming spectrum with easy-to-play, web-based, short-format mobile puzzle games, offering players endless hours of fun and enjoyment. ONMO offers myriad gaming categories and games for players to enjoy endlessly, without worrying about downloading. Here, gamers can easily play and win ONMO Coins with friends and families without downloading. Find your choicest best mobile puzzle game on ONMO to play during your spare time for free.